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    Das Fisch-spa im Prenzlauer berg

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    The Berlin fish spa located in beautiful Prenzlauer Berg, where keen doctor fish nibble your dead skin cells to make your feet baby soft and treat you to a pleasant little foot massage:

    Fish pedicure, a spa experience for your feet, soul and inner adventurer.

    What kind of fish are they and what do they do?

    Our fish are known as doctor fish but the correct name is Garra Rufa, that are originally from hot springs in Turkey. They never had enough food in their natural habitat, so they discovered on their search for food , that people are nice little source of protein when eating their dead skin cells.
    They gently nibble off the dead skin and by doing that the skin becomes softer, blood circulation gets stimulated and your feet feel light and baby soft afterwards. They even improve your skin renewal so its beneficial for the long-term.

    Do they actually bite me? Does it hurt?  how does a fish pedicure feel?

    Doctor fish don’t have proper teeth, therefore they don’t bite, they nibble off the old skin gently, without damaging healthy skin. it tickles a little bit, some more, some less but it doesn’t hurt at all. Fish pedicure feels more like a bubble bath on your feet.

    What is a fish pedicure for?

    By lettting our fish treat your feet, your feet become softer, smoother and your blood circulation in your body gets stimulated, which makes walking a whole new experience, since it feels like walking on clouds afterwards.

    Some people even tell us, that their sleeping is improved after coming to us,  but overall heavy feet become light, thick skin becomes soft and nice and your soul gets proper time to relax.

    Do the fish eat healthy skin as well?

    No, somehow they know exactly where to go and where not to go.

    They pretty much limit their efforts to the areas that do need some help to get rid of old weights and stop when they hit healthy new skin.

    What about diseases? How clean is the water?

    Coming to us, is basically like going to a public pool. Various people get into the same water but the water gets filtered so germs get killed, so you can’t get an infection or so.

    However, only 4 people use a tank daily and there is always an hour of break in between customers, so the water gets filtered and the fish have at least an hour of break in between.

    Therefore, everyone gets clean and filtered water and happy fish.

    Oh and by the way, only people with healthy feet get to do a fish pedicure which each person has to confirm, before going into a tank!

    German correctness always in place!

    Isn’t it a bit mean to have those fish do that, do they even feel comfortable in those tanks?

    Our fish are very well protected by German regulations when it comes to animal protection.

    They are only allowed to have 4 people in they tanks per day, in between each of those 4 people is at least one hour of break and they have to have at least two days off, so they dont feel stressed or anything close to it.

    They get properly fed with very nutricious fish food, since its also important to us, that the fish are happy and healthy.

    When the fish are not happy and healthy, they actually show it by hiding or acting nervous so you can yourself see whether they are happy or not.

    Since you can’t train fish or force them to do anything, they only go to people’s feet because they feel like it.
    You always see a few fish in the tank that don’t feel like it and swim around, instead and can’t be bothered by the feet that are hanging in there.

    Oh and we have a fish vet that comes regularly to check on the fish and their happiness. It’s all taken care of, so no worries, no animal cruelty in sight, otherwise we really wouldn’t offer this service ourselves.

    Bitte habt dafür Verständnis, dass wir ausschließlich “gesunde” Füße in unsere Becken lassen können, um immer höchste hygienische Standards zu gewährleisten.

    Gesunde Füße bedeutet: keine Nagel- o. Fußpilze, offene Stellen, Warzen, Hautkrankheiten u. s. w.

    So siehts aus


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